Mille bolle e più

Mille bolle e più

Mille bolle e più

Every territory gives emotions and discoveries.
In this case, the territory becomes the conductor of our wines.
It shapes their DNA and makes every aroma dance in a perfect balance of volcanic chords.

Our wines are volcanic and extreme, born from vines raised in complete harmony with nature,
between the peaks at 600m ASL.
Grapes ripened slowly, with a perfect acidity, which give us incredibly fresh and mineral wines.
Drinking these wines is a completely fulfilling experience.
Thanks to time and care, our Metodo Classico sparkling wines acquire a unique complexity and creaminess.

We want to take you with us in this wonderful concert of bubbles,
to make you live a complete and engaging experience
between our volcanic expressions and their gourmet matching.


. Welcome and presentation of the Winery
. Visit to the cellar and the Durello Room
. Sensorial tasting of 4 sparkling wines Metodo Classico with 4 matching gourmet


. Cuvè Sergio - Metodo Classico Extra Brut (100% Chardonnay)
☞ Crispy butter puff pastry with white asparagus and egg mimosa

. Mariné Rosè - Metodo Classico Extra Brut (100% Pinot Nero)
☞ Cereal bread crostone with lime mayonnaise and prawns au gratin with aromatic herbs

. Monti Lessini DOC - Durello Metodo Classico Riserva 36 mesi
☞ Durum-wheat bread crust with peas cream, baccalà mantecato quenelle and crispy speck

. Monti Lessini DOC - Durello Metodo Classico Riserva 60 mesi
☞ Creamy risotto with Monte Veronese and saffron


▸Price: visit + tasting 40€ per person
▸Start: 11:00am
▸Duration: 3 hours
▸Closing Date: Thursday, May 20


Cel: +39 393 8604285 (anche Whatsapp)

For the proper conduct of the event, in compliance with anti-Covid19 regulations, we ask all participants to show up on site at 10:45 am, equipped with a protective mask.

Azienda Agricola Sandro de Bruno
Via S. Margherita 26
37030 Montecchia di Crosara,
Verona, IT