Sustainability above all!

In our vineyards and in our winery we always apply the principles of sustainable and integrated agriculture, that means we make use of sustainable agricultural techniques in order to respect the Nature and the environment. In this way the treatments are reduced and are applied only when necessary, we try to create a natural balance without interfering with Nature.

The topdressing are completely organic and certified, no chemical products are used, and this happens also for the weeding. In fact the experience has taught us that, doing so, not only we don’t interfere with the rhythms of plants and organisms, but we also get better results in terms of quality and health for the consumer.
Therefore we are socially and ethically correct, complementing the well-being of the people with the well-being of the earth.

At the basis of this method there is the will to let animals and plants to fully complete their natural processes, which have found their balance thanks to a work that lasted various years. In order to obtain better results, the work of men needs to follow the natural evolution of the elements.

How is a quality sparkling wine born?

The starting point, as for all wines, is a first fermentation of the grapes, which can be white or black, harvested in advance to guarantee the product the acidity necessary to make it support the following phases. Immediately after the draft phase takes place.

What is draft?

It is a fundamental and at the same time very delicate phase for the production of sparkling wines with the classic method. Fundamental in that it allows the still wine to take the foam or to acquire the bubbles. Delicate because it can determine the good exit or the failure of the wine itself.

How does the froth take place?

Thanks to the addition of the so-called liqueur de tirage (mixture of selected yeasts, cane sugar, mineral salts, casein and clay, in variable proportions), a new fermentation is triggered, a natural process which produces carbon dioxide which will give life to bubbles. A phase that begins with draft and ends with disgorgement.

The bottles will maintain their horizontal position throughout this period which, in the case of our Lessini Durello DOC Metodo Classico, lasts for 36 months during which the bottles rest at a constant temperature in the barrel at 14-15 ° C.

What happens during the "froth"?

The sugars undergo fermentation thanks to the yeast inoculated at the time of draft and are transformed into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide, which dissolves in the wine, enriching it with aromas and flavors.

At this point, the wine is ready to mature on the yeasts, a phase lasting a full 36 months, during which the residues of yeasts are deposited on the bottom of the bottle: it is necessary, in the meantime, an operation called excavation, with the which bottles are periodically shaken. They will then be placed in racks riddled with oval holes and, periodically, turned and varied in inclination until reaching the vertical position, with the cap facing downwards. Through this operation, also performed several times a day, the lees of the exhausted yeasts will settle in the final part of the neck in contact with the cap, from where they will be definitively eliminated through the disgorgement.

Sustainability above all!
Sustainability above all!
Sustainability above all!