Our Land

The Land of Volcanos

At about 600 meters above sea level on Mount Calvarina, after a series of sinuous hairpin bends, our vineyards open to view, extended over 11 hectares of surface in long rows developed on volcanic soils. Mount Calvarina is in fact one of the largest subaircraft volcanic buildings in Verona, part of a majestic active volcanic complex that emerged from the ancient Tethys Sea, about 40 million years ago.
We are faced with a breathtaking panorama: the Po Valley stretches out in front of us accompanied to the south by the Emilian Apennines and to the north by Monte Baldo and Monte Pasubio. The location of our vineyards is not only enchanting for the view it offers, but the altitude, the slope and the exposure offer our grapes and our wines great advantages and unique expressive peculiarities.
The high altitude allows us to obtain local ''extreme'' wines, long-lived and healthy. The thermal shock between day and night is very important: the heat of the day and the excellent exposure to light allow the grapes to ripen homogeneously, while the cold of the night allows to accumulate and retain the organoleptic substances. The altitude in which our vineyards are developed allows to avoid any source of pollution and, thanks to the influence of the mountains of Vicenza and Verona, it ensures a greater and constant ventilation. The fresh and clean air allows you to have a clear sky that, combined with southern exposure and sloping farming in Guyot, facilitates photosynthesis by allowing a homogeneous insolation and a better maturation of the grapes.


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